Portland MTB Short Track Series


All races take place at Portland International Raceway, located at 1940 N Victory Blvd in Portland.

Directions from Portland:
Bike: ride to North Interstate Ave. Follow Interstate Ave all the way North where it merges with N Denver Ave.
Continue North on N Denver Ave, until you cross the Columbia Slough.Here you can either continue on Denver Ave towards the main entrance of PIR or take a right and loop around underneath the MAX line and N Denver Ave to get to the Columbia Slough Trail, where there is a gate (at the eastern end of the Columbia Slough Trail) that gives you direct access to PIR, without needing to go all around through the main entrance.
Car: If you come out early you can take I-5 North and take exit 306B West, but by 4pm things can get pretty congested on I-5 Northbound, in which case you better avoid I-5 and drive North on Interstate Ave. Or park your car somewhere in North Portland (plenty of parking areas along N Interstate Ave) and ride over to PIR on your bike. The race track is located immediately West of the freeway.
Bike on MAX: take Yellow Line North - get off at Expo Center - the PIR entrance is right across from the MAX station.

If you want to avoid traffic, come early! Racers can pre-ride the course from 4pm on
- If you come by car, make sure to not leave bikes unlocked on your car or any valuables visible inside your car. The PIR parking area is unsupervised and unfortunately there have been cars broken into in years past.

Be careful when crossing the race track - Road Bike Races in Progress!
On Monday nights between 6pm and 8pm there are ongoing road bike races on the PIR race track.
Please use extreme caution when crossing the track, whether you are on your way in or on your way out.
Always obey the directions of the crossing guard marshals.
Always look both ways and don't cross the track when oncoming road racers are in sigh, even if you think you have enough time to cross safely (your move could throw off the road racers and cause a crash)!
If you don't want to deal with the track crossing and the crossing guard, you can always cross the track via the wooden bridge, 100 yards west of the track crossing.
If you arrive before 5pm and cars or motorcycles are still on the track, you can cross the track using the bridge. Please do not get tempted to jump the closed gate. That would be a major infraction of PIR safety rules.
To minimize track crossings back and forth, we advice that you get "race-ready" at your car before heading out to the registration tent, which is located on the infield near the motocross tower.
Portland Int'l Raceway - Directions

 Portland MTB Short Track Series